We are a community effort

of entrepreneurs and senior executives

who give back time, skills and experience

to help cleantech startup entrepreneurs succeed.

Our Mission Is...

to educate, advise and financially support entrepreneurs in early-stage green/clean technology startups in order to achieve sustainable economic development and to create local sustainable jobs.

Our advisors/mentors (we call them accompagneurs) work with the startups over a period of three years, meeting monthly. All program companies meet regularly in 'Acceleration Interactive' workshops to learn, connect and collaborate.

We make seed loans of up to $30,000 available to the entrepreneurs free of interest and collateral requirements.

The Greenhouse's focus is on early-stage startups that offer cleantech products and/or services - reducing the usage of resources, using them more efficiently, and/or mitigating the impacts of using them.

We provide our educational services, our advisory assistance and our financial support free of charge. In return we expect reciprocity: the successful participants will help new startups that are at the beginning of their journey, and they will financially support our endeavors in accordance with their abilities.

We believe in Unleashing the Power

of Local Entrepreneurs

to Create a Better Future

Photo by Dave Webb on Unsplash          

Our Key Values

Afford and expect reciprocity

Measure impacts along a triple bottom line of people, profits and planet

Deliver results through collaboration

Our Metrics

We measure success along a Triple Bottom Line - the responsible deployment of financial resources, of natural resources and of human resources.

We care not only about what the entrepreneurs sell, but also how they make it.  

Our Organization

The Greenhouse is a public 501(c)(3) charity.