Rather than mentors or advisors,

we call our team of experts



Greenhouse Accompagneurs

...because we walk at the side of the entrepreneurs asking questions, giving structure to issues and opportunities, making connections with partners, customers and funders.

These teams around the entrepreneurs can consist of several people, meeting regularly, usually once a month.

We are not angel but elf investors...


We identify the skill gaps of the startup team and fill them with qualified accompagneurs, tracking progress along the way.


"The Atlanta based Greenhouse Accelerator program has helped Consensus Energy develop necessary business structures, cultivated business opportunities and coordinated alliances in the energy efficiency space over the past year. Their guidance has been very helpful in getting Consensus Energy off the ground and cash-flowing in a very competitive and challenging business environment. We are in a much stronger position today thanks in part to the great support of the Greenhouse Accelerator Program."

Steve O’Neil, Managing Partner of Consensus Energy  


Sharing Best Practices

Accompagneurs meet regularly to share notes.

They also join the regular Acceleration Interactive workshops, together with all participating entrepreneurs.

The Ecosystem For Startups

We are not alone in this effort to support startups:

The ecosystem for startups in Atlanta is rich with resources of all kinds. We do not intend to claim exclusive rights to success stories but work in parallel to, and closely with, these organizations.

For a good overview check out Startup Atlanta.

Our Promise to Our Partners:

You Will Be a Part of a Community

of Skilled and Inspired Individuals Who Help Create

New Solutions For Issues that Concern Us All


Photo by Daniel von Appen on Unsplash