We address the large attrition rate of startups

during the early stages of development,

as well as the low adoption rate

of sustainable business practices.

The Challenge...


Large Attrition Rate

During Startup Phase of New Companies -


Startups struggle to gain traction quickly enough within the window that financial and human resources allow.


Entrepreneurs rely on their own capabilities, the team lacks some of the key business skills and experience required to execute the plan.

Entrepreneurs remain lonely in their endeavor.

Third party financing is difficult to attract in early stages of business development.


Low Success Rate

of Picking Winners by the Investment Community -


When it takes one thousand prospects to find ten fundable entrepreneurs,

When only two out of ten funded startups succeed,

Thus when angel investors are wrong 80% of the time,

Then we might leave almost eight hundred potentially promising entrepreneurs behind, with little thought given to providing second chances. 





Low Adoption Rate

of Sustainable Business Practices -


Sustainability requires a new mindset and different success metrics,

which rarely are applied.


When sustainability is addressed at all, the concern is about what is sold and rarely includes how it is made.


Empowering Innovative Sustainability

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Our Key Values

Afford and expect reciprocity

Measure impacts along a triple bottom line of people, profits and planet

Deliver results through collaboration

Our Metrics

We measure success along a Triple Bottom Line - the responsible deployment of financial resources, of natural resources and of human resources.

We care not only about what the entrepreneurs sell, but also how they make it.