While our entrepreneurs

cover a multitude of business activities,

they all intend to move our world

closer towards sustainability

Greenhouse Start-ups

...range from companies that are at the very beginning of formulating a business model to those who have a product, first paying users and funding from early investors.

Emrgy uses unique gear-box technology to pack turbine-and-generator systems into small, modular and scalable units.  These micro-hydropower systems can be installed, for example, in existing waterways of water treatment facilities to supplement their own power needs.

Consensus Energy is an environmental services company that designs, installs, maintains and finances retrofit and upgrade projects to improve the energy efficiency of buildings and facilities. It offers energy audits, lighting retrofits, power quality improvements, utility rate analysis, energy savings measurement and verification, tax consulting, project financing and rebate/incentive compliance.

Candidus is a horticultural lighting company offering a biophotonic feedback program which allows LED grow lights to communicate with the plants to provide maximum plant growth with minimum energy consumption. The lights gain intelligence through a mesh of sensors and controls which adjust supplemental light delivery according to external weather conditions and crop-specific lighting requirements.

Thermacote manufactures a proprietary, high performance ceramic coating that insulates exposed surfaces. The ultra-low VOC thermal barrier and protective coating is spray-applied and, when dry, looks like flat latex paint.  It conserves energy, provides a vapor barrier that breathes, reduces condensation, provides fire protection, is lightweight, contains built in rust/corrosion inhibitors, has high solar reflectance, and extremely versatile application.

Grubbly Farms is at the forefront of sustainable agriculture and fisheries by providing a healthy, economical, and reliable insect-based protein source. Made from dried black soldier fly larvae raised off a diet of pre-consumer food waste, it makes its first market entry as 'Grubblies' treats for backyard chicken.

Upshots is offering products and services based on its proprietary pelletizing process for coal byproducts - solid biofuel made from coal ash; pellet delivery system to deliver controlled amounts of nutrients for soil regeneration; biological sequestration of carbondioxide for flue gas emissions.

Blusion brings sustainable practices to wash and dry cleaning by introducing treatment methods that use less energy, less water, and make do without harmful chemicals, all while offering a convenient locker system to their customers. 

Ecovie designs and delivers high performance scalable systems and products for on-site water management. Its focus is on grey water recycling and rainwater collection; it also tackles black water recycling, ground water and storm water management.

Pando Nutrition strives to produce sustainable, novel protein sources for pets, livestock, and humans through the use of cutting edge biotechnology. It is focusing on the development of a new yeast-based protein source designed specifically for dogs.

Last Bottle is fabricating apparel with fiber gained from recycled plastic bottles, made to be recycled again, and again, at the end of their use. Shirts are composed of 7-15 plastic bottles and require little water to produce. 

Greenhouse Scale-ups

...have a track record of proven performance of their technology, a solid list of paying customers, multiple successful funding rounds behind them, and are looking to scale up their business substantially;

as they benefit from the resources of the program, they also share their experience with the cohort.

Xeco Energy offers a proven electricity management solution. It includes a technology system coupled with an unique engineering and testing protocol that allows accurate projections of guaranteed annual savings for any commercial or industrial facility.

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The Atlanta Ecosystem For Startups

We are not alone in this effort to support startups:

The ecosystem for startups in Atlanta is rich with resources of all kinds. We do not intend to claim exclusive rights to success stories but work in parallel to, and closely with, these organizations.

For a good overview check out Startup Atlanta.

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