Our solution (to the challenge) is a program that...

Is free but expects reciprocity

Is a continuous and not a batch process

Has a long-term orientation

Focuses on early-stage cleantech entrepreneurs

Does not ask for an equity share

Makes small seed loans available 


The Solution We Offer

Program Phases:



   selecting for fit;

   a high level, brief review



  preparing for growth;

   vetting at two speeds, depending on startup's stage

   assessment at engagement gate


   building for endurance;

   with a team of accompagneurs, meeting once a month;

   availability of seed loan


   continue with selective advice after graduation;

   or join this phase of the program as a mature, but still young company

   collaborating with the cohort;

   for a fee, in accordance with ability to pay



The Key Criteria For Acceptance

The Potentials For…


Number of  jobs created

Revenues expected

Sustainability innovations planned, their impacts, and the degree to which sustainability has been incorporated into products, services and business practices 

As Well As …     

Ability of  the management team to execute the plan

Ability of the Greenhouse to help, in light of the key success factors

Coachability of the entrepreneurs


Specifically Not Expected Are...

A full-fledged business model,

much less a business plan with detailed financials and investment return calculations

Functioning products, customers and sales

An exit plan


Empowering Innovative Sustainability

Photo by Jon Flobrant on Unsplash


Apply to the Program

“The Greenhouse Accelerator provides our firm with an outside viewpoint that helps us attack our challenges in a better way that would not be possible from down here in the trenches.”

Bob Drew, Founder and CEO Ecovie

Our Key Values

Afford and expect reciprocity

Measure impacts along a triple bottom line of people, profits and planet

Deliver results through collaboration

“The network and support provided by the Greenhouse has been instrumental to our company's progress. Our meetings with industry professionals in a relaxed setting encouraged more robust feedback and greater insight into our business.”

Alec Manfre, Founder and CTO Bractlet